Certified Translations from London

Discover the world with certified translations by sworn translators from London. 

Have you always wanted to travel the world? It is now possible with Berlin translate. Simply let your documents be certified.

Certified translations by sworn or accredited translators 

What is a ‘certified translation’?

A certified translation is the translation of an official document, accompanied by the translator’s certification mark. Public offices, courts, universities and other public institutions often require certified translations from sworn translators. A certified translation is, therefore, an official translation made by a sworn translator who affixes his signature and stamp, confirming the accuracy of the translation. Put simply, a certified translation is a translation that has been prepared by a sworn translator. Our translation agency offers you certified translations of your documents. We have a large network of sworn translators in Berlin and many other cities in Germany. Let us advise you.

Certification by sworn translators in London

In this type of order, the translations are prepared and certified by sworn translators who are resident in Germany or in the country of the target language and also registered with the regional court.

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