Certified Translations of Covid-19 Tests

Our translation agency offers certified translations of COVID-19 tests and other laboratory reports. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, country-specific travel warnings have been prevalent in Germany and abroad. Even though travel between most EU member states is possible again, restrictions still exist for other countries. Travellers, for business or leisure, are still encouraged to inform themselves of the health and safety instructions and entry restrictions and quarantine regulations. Although there is no current travel warning for a country, the infection situation can change rapidly.

Some states and countries therefore require a SARS CoV-2 antibody test to detect COVID-19 infection. While test results from EU member states are accepted within the EU, you will need a certified translation to enter or leave countries outside the EU. In other words, a translation of an official document that bears the certification of a qualified translator. As a professional translation agency, Berlin Translate has a large network of qualified translators who can translate and certify not only passports, birth certificates and diplomas but also laboratory reports quickly and reliably.

Who are certified translations relevant for?

A negative test result must now be presented before checking into hotels or holiday flats abroad. But even those who travel back to Germany, for example, from a risk area must undergo an antibody test to rule out the possibility of infection. This test is free of charge for people who already show symptoms before their arrival. But tourists who are not suspected of having COVID-19 may have to pay €150-200 per test.

You should check the special rules for the destination before you start your journey. It is always advisable to have a certified translation of your documents with you if you are in a country where your native language is not spoken. However, travellers to non-EU countries students who wish to continue their studies abroad must have certified translations of COVID-19 tests in particular.

When should you request a certified translation?

A negative antibody test should not be older than 48-72 hours, depending on the travel destination. Accordingly, you should take the test just a few days before departure. However, since a certified translation must also be available upon arrival or departure, you should apply for it immediately. At London Translate, we recommend that you contact us when planning your trip and let us know in good time that you are about to take a COVID-19 test. This way we can have everything for your certified translation prepared. We will endeavour to complete it within 24 hours. If you are under increased time pressure, we can send you the translation first as a PDF file and then send the original by post to the desired destination.

Technical translations by qualified translators

As a professional translation agency, we have a large network of qualified translators. They have excellent knowledge and training in a wide range of specialist areas. This means that laboratory reports such as the COVID-19 test are only certified by medical translators who are familiar with the necessary terms. Our translation agency thus guarantees a high-quality translation at a very competitive price-performance ratio.

We also offer translations from and into more than 50 languages in more than 150 language combinations, so that you do not have to worry about your destination.

Privacy policy

We process important and personal documents such as laboratory reports with the utmost care. Your data will only be passed on internally for translation purposes and our translators will naturally adhere to the strictest data protection guidelines.

Travel regulations and cancellation

As tour operators and airlines want to minimise the risk of their customers, some now offer free cancellation on coronavirus grounds. If the test is positive, the customer is of course no longer allowed to travel, but should get their money back. Even if a travel warning for the selected area has been issued in the meantime, you can still demand a full refund. In this case, the COVID-19 pandemic should be given as the reason for cancellation.

When choosing accommodation, we also recommend that you inform yourself in advance of potential cancellation fees, cancellation costs or travel regulations. In most EU member states, the hotel management itself determines whether accommodation can be cancelled free of charge or not. Sometimes, despite giving reasons, the full amount has to be paid. However, if you book your hotel or holiday home through intermediary sites such as booking.de, you can usually cancel your trip free of charge 24 hours before you check in.

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