Seizing opportunities in the digital age

London Translate presents strategies and solution proposals with which you can use the advancing Digitization for your advantage. Never before have users spend as much time on the internet. In 2018 63 million people were online in Germany – 54 million of those were online for more than three hours daily. However, for some the Digitization still presents the big unknown and thus a potential danger. Businesses, store owners and companies are put under pressure through those behavior changes. Not only do analog stores suffer loses when their customers shop online mostly, tasks carried out by humans are replaced by digital processes. Thus, many are afraid of losing their jobs. However, this technical revolution has the potential for new professions and occupations, which we did not know about until know. First and foremost, Digitization is a transformation, which is basically a realignment for business processes in the business world.

The only danger in digitized world is missing expertise of employees and corporate management. The transformation of the working world is a transformation of the classic workplace. One who does not familiarizes themselves with the internet, machines or their functionality is of no use for a digitized company. It is important for companies to offer goal-oriented training activities since the Digitization often exceeds the competencies of employees. Whoever manages to adapt to the new developments and stay up to date with the Digitization can see and use it as an opportunity. Actively shape the digital change with us! Our translation agency supports you with translation and language services related to the Digitization.

The importance of an online presence

All internet platforms, on which your company can be found, are included in the online presence. Classified directories, advertisements and trading platforms are among those as well as your own website, Social Media and search engines! The online presence is the perceived visibility of a company on the internet. Without an online presence your company is non-existent for those, who spend most their time on the internet. Our translation agency helps you with your online presence and thus better reach potential and international customers. You can find more information and assistance on our website – Online presence.

Working digitally is working from everywhere

A traditional workplace is no longer necessary in digitized working world. Whether in home office or abroad – online workplaces offer the possibility of working from everywhere. We gladly take on translations of internal documents and contracts for an international exchange and commercial market. You can find more information on working digitally and our services under Working digitally.

Data security in a digital world

Topics such as data security and reliable standards play vital part in a digital and continuously connected economy and society. London Translate supports your company in strengthening its data security and making it accessible. You can find more assistance and information on our services under Data security.

Funding for the Digitization

Training activities and consultation are partly required to keep employees and corporate management up to date with the Digitization. Support programs for the financing of small and medium sized businesses including craft industries are offered so you use the opportunity a digital working world offers you. You can find more information under Funding in a digital world.

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Funding for the Digitization

The support program “go-digital” offers small and medium sized businessses the opportunity for funding for the Digitization.

Data security in a digital world

Data security and reliable standards play a vital role within the Digitization.

Working digitally

Working digitally means working from everywhere.

Online presence

All platforms, on which your company can be found, are part of the online presence.


London Translate presents strategies and solution proposals with which you can use the advancing Digitization to your advantage.