Data security in a digital world

Data security and reliable standards play a vital role within the Digitization. Companies and employees can access important documents and data at all times in a connected economy and society. On one hand, this has many advantages since it saves costs and effort. On the other it has some disadvantages concerning data protection and safety.

Networking through extended access

Contrary to analogous documents, digital documents save not only costs but efforts as well. Especially data saved on an external server is protected against loss through environmental influences. Employees having simultaneous access to secured information also reduces the risk of loss through a defect hard drive. Data is also no longer stationary and can be accessed from everywhere, which facilitates relocation into a new building or when moving. Searchable PDF-files simultaneously offer faster access for all parties concerned, which manifests in faster responses and research for customer service. (International) Branches of a company having access to company data are thus in close contact with each other.

It is, however, vital to make data accessible on a linguistic level for all employees. This enables data security and Digitization to provide optimal employment relationships and customer service. For these reasons it is advisable to only let professional translators translate your important documents and internal date. Our translation agency is at your disposal with over 50 languages.

Data protection risks

Digital data security with uncontrolled access presents a risk for companies, users and customers alike. Risks in IT-security can be existence-threating for the affected company. So called e-crimes can not only interrupt processes but also lead to theft of company secrets and customer data. Most companies are aware of this issue, which is why many are already actively prepare themselves against the threat of cybercrime. Customers and employees also need to be able to trust companies concerning personal data. This encompasses not only one’s own address but also location information and consume preferences. This is why it is important to keep the privacy policy and General Data Protection Regulation up to date and offered them to customers and employees in their respective native language. Our translation agency is able to support you in this regard as well with professional translators, who offer language combinations from over 150 languages. We offer you our high-quality translations at a good price-performance ration.

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Funding for the Digitization

The support program “go-digital” offers small and medium sized businessses the opportunity for funding for the Digitization.

Data security in a digital world

Data security and reliable standards play a vital role within the Digitization.

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Working digitally means working from everywhere.

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