Funding for the Digitization

The support program “go-digital” offers small and medium sized businesses the opportunity for funding for the Digitization. The digital change is in full swing and no longer affects only classic IT companies but the whole business world in all its branches and sectors. Online presence, working digitally and data security in a digital world are important topics, which companies and employees need to address in order to use the technical revolution as an opportunity instead of worrying about it.

Lack of expertise from employees and corporate management is the only danger in a digitized world because a transformation of the working world entails a change of the classic workplace. This change still often exceeds the competencies of employees and corporate management. Thus, it is important to offer goal-oriented training activities and to take advantage of consultations. The ones who can adapt to the new developments and establish Digitization in all business processes are able to hold their own against competition in the long-term.

What is “go-digital”?

“go-digital” is a support program developed by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). It offers consultation and implementation services through authorized consulting firms. The program and its three modules “Digitized business processes”, “Digital market development” and “IT security” is directed at small and medium sized businesses of the commercial economy and craft industries. “go-digital” also offers funding for the Digitization of businesses to keep up to date with technological and societal developments in online trading, Digitization of everyday business and the increasing security requirements.

Which businesses are supported?

The support program is directed at business of the commercial economy including craft industries with technological potential. Consultation services are offered to businesses with less then 100 employees. These businesses need to have business premises or a branch in Germany as well as an annual turnover or balance sheet total of a maximum of 20 million euro in the year prior to the conclusion of contract. “go-digital” also supports startups if significant business operations with sufficient turnover are discernable. Business also need to meet eligibility criteria under the de minimis regulation. This means that the grand total of de minimis aid a business receives from a Member State of the EU cannot exceed 200,000 euro.

What does the module “Digitized business process” further?

The introduction of e-business software solutions for overall processes and subprocesses of a business including the most secure processing within the company are being furthered. The module offers funding for the most comprehensive Digitization of workflows within the company. Consultation and implementation services are offered for e.g. shipping and returns management, logistics, storage or electronic payment methods.

What does the module “Digital market development” further?

“go-digital” furthers the development of a company-specific online-marketing strategy with the module “Digital market development”. Included is the building of a professional online presence for better marketing as well as the introduction of an own online store or the use of external auction, sales or service platforms. Social Media Tools, website monitoring and content marketing are also offered. Subordinate business processes for an online shop (e.g. provision of goods and payment methods) for the development of new markets and customers groups are also supported.

What does the module “IT security” further?

The risk and security analysis of the existing or new planned operational ICT infrastructure are being furthered through the module “IT security”. So, the evaluation of threats and possible vulnerabilities. Measures of the initiation/optimization of IT safety management systems are also offered. Therefore, economic damages and risks through cybercrime can be minimized or even avoided as a whole. An independent operation of fundamentally necessary IT safety measures is developed in this module.

Companies need to choose a main module which makes up a minimum of 51% of the consulting volume on application. Companies can choose one or two subsidiary modules if required since some topics overlap.

How high is the funding?

Consultation services with a chosen main module and possibly required subsidiary modules with a funding rate of 50% are funded with a daily consultation rate of €1,100. The same maximum daily rate applies to the enlistment of a knowledgeable third party.

Authorized consulting firms

The authorized consulting firms are responsible for application, accounting and consulting services. These firms offer their professional expertise, which they need to prove through a minimum of three reference projects per requested module. Additionally, proof of economic stability for the last three financial years and proof of sufficient economic capacity are submitted before authorization. The consulting firms cooperate with technical colleges, universities and research facilities. These have a connection to small business consulting clients and guarantee competition-neutral consultations.

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Funding for the Digitization

The support program “go-digital” offers small and medium sized businessses the opportunity for funding for the Digitization.

Data security in a digital world

Data security and reliable standards play a vital role within the Digitization.

Working digitally

Working digitally means working from everywhere.

Online presence

All platforms, on which your company can be found, are part of the online presence.


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