Online presence

All internet platforms, on which your company can be found, are part of the online presence. The customers of tomorrow, the young generation of teenagers and young adults, use the Internet daily and can hardly imagine an easier way of informing themselves about offers. In times of Digitization a smartphone or tablet is close at hand for most people and thus the first choice for looking up stores, prices, opening hours or services. Businesses that are not found on the Internet quickly lose customers to competitors.

Businesses with an older target audience profit from an online presence as well. Of the 63 million people that were online in 2018 45% were 70 years or older! Your customers are by no means to old to be interested in your online presence.

Your own website

A good online presence starts with your website. Businesses have the opportunity to present themselves as well as their services and products on their website. Contact information and opening hours must be on there as well so that your customers can reach you anytime. In the best-case scenario internal and external links refer to an online shop or booking tool. The information you present your customers with, the better. Blog posts on your website makes it more attractive as well. Blog post are not only easier to find via a search engine, but they also reach customers on an emotional level and thus convince them of your expertise.

Social Media

When one thinks of Social Media they think of Facebook. For a good reason because Facebook is the biggest Social Media Network worldwide. About 2.45 billion people use Facebook regularly, 70% of those even daily. A Facebook company page is recommended for every business. Who, however, wants to focus on a younger target audience or wants to familiarize themselves with the customers of tomorrow should look into additional Social Media platforms.

Instagram and YouTube belong, with 1-2 billion users worldwide, like Facebook to the most used Social Media platforms. Mostly young people exchange views, look and share videos or photos on these platforms. Only 28% of adults use Instagram regularly, which is why you should focus on a modern and young appearance of your business on Instagram.

Social Media boosts your visibility and reach as well as offering your business the opportunity to advertise your business and directly interact with your customers. Consistent posts on social networks and a lot of interaction with customers lead to a higher Google ranking of your business.

Google or search engines

Google as the best-known search engine has a great impact on the reach of your business. Most users only look at the first page of a Google search, it is even likelier that they only look at the first three links. Thus, a higher Google ranking leads to more reach. Periodic blog posts on your website and engaging posts on Social Media factor in in how fast you can be found on Google.

How we support your online presence

For the first time, Digitization and networking of the Internet present you with an opportunity to be available for a lot of customers like never before. Our translation agency offers you with an opportunity to optimize your online presence in order to be found on the international market and thus use your business’ full potential. Whether it is the translation of your website or Social Media channels, or the international SEO (search engine optimization) we are at your disposal with over 50 languages in 150 language combinations. English is the most widespread language on the Internet and good business English is a prerequisite in the international working world. However, languages like Spanish, French and Japanese are among the most spoken and used languages on the Internet and in the world. Use the opportunity the Digitization presents you with. London Translate is at your service with a good price-performance ratio.

We are happy to help you with your translations.

Every day, we help small and large companies and organizations to realize their international potential. We listen to you and are happy to advise you. Are you interested? Request a non-binding offer now.

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Funding for the Digitization

The support program “go-digital” offers small and medium sized businessses the opportunity for funding for the Digitization.

Data security in a digital world

Data security and reliable standards play a vital role within the Digitization.

Working digitally

Working digitally means working from everywhere.

Online presence

All platforms, on which your company can be found, are part of the online presence.


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