Working digitally

Working digitally means working from everywhere. The working world changes through global networking as well as location and time-zone independence of the Internet. Especially freelancers such as programmers, graphic designers, IT-specialists, journalists and many other occupational groups profit from a decentralized work model. Such a work model allows them to work not only when they want but also where they want. The Internet offers the possibility to setup your workplace all over the world.

Permanent employees – especially in the startup scene – are slowly but surely discovering the advantages of the Digitization. At the latest since the COVID pandemic, the possibilities of home office have been rediscovered. A decentralized distribution of tasks offers flexible working hours and thus a better work-life balance.

Digitized working world

While the classic job marked was established through personal connections, digital working allows for global networking through online portals, websites, Social Media and international SEOs. The technical advances not only create many new occupational groups and more effective options but also offers the opportunity for companies themselves to fall back on external expert knowledge. People all across the globe can deployed everywhere to apply their expertise and thus offer high-quality work.

Simultaneously the international networking means for companies that company data is accessible for all employees so that individual branches of a company are able to be interconnected. This would enable resources to be used optimally and opportunities to be exploited.

How we can support you

Even on an international commercial marked good communication is always the crux of the matter. It is important to make information accessible for everyone without language barriers when working with employees from across the world. (Employment) Contracts and internal programs need to be provided to companies and employees in their native language as well. Our translation agency London Translate offers you professional translations of important documents which enable you to work and exchange digitally on the international commercial market. Our language services encompass more than 50 languages in more than 150 language combinations. The selected translators have excellent knowledge and training in different field so that we can guarantee high-class quality at a good price-performance ratio.

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Every day, we help small and large companies and organizations to realize their international potential. We listen to you and are happy to advise you. Are you interested? Request a non-binding offer now.

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Funding for the Digitization

The support program “go-digital” offers small and medium sized businessses the opportunity for funding for the Digitization.

Data security in a digital world

Data security and reliable standards play a vital role within the Digitization.

Working digitally

Working digitally means working from everywhere.

Online presence

All platforms, on which your company can be found, are part of the online presence.


London Translate presents strategies and solution proposals with which you can use the advancing Digitization to your advantage.