Legal Translation

Take advantage of our local expertise in the legal field with our translation agency in London! 

Our translation agency in London has been offering high quality, online legal translations for several years. In order to guarantee you the highest quality, our language service relies upon specialists in the legal field. 

Our legal translators only translate into their native language and have a background in both languages and law. 

Benefit from our linguistic expertise in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Unlike traditional, non-specialised translation agencies, London Translate benefits from specialised expertise in the legal field.

As a global centre for trade, tourism and business, London is truly an international city. Therefore, we offer specialised translations into French, Italian, German and Spanish in order to keep you connected with Europe and the world. Our translators can translate in a number of fields.

Your Quality Guarantee


Our team of legal translators are constantly developing and updating legal terminology glossaries. For our regular clients, these glossaries contain all the jargon and terminology specific to their company. This meticulous attention to linguistic and legal detail allows us to develop solid relations and long-term contracts with both major law firms and the legal departments of multinational companies.


Choosing our agency for legal translations will guarantee you reliable, accurate and fast translations. At London Translate, our team of translators has extensive experience in the translation of legal documents. Our translations comply with European quality standards and our translators have either in-depth legal experience or extensive training in the field of legal translation.

London Translate

Specialist linguistic services for London and beyond.

Legal Translation

We offer translation services for all of your legal documents (e.g. contracts, legal agreements) by our expert legal translators to guarantee the best quality possible.

Medical Translation

We offer translations of all texts in the medical field for individuals and professionals provided by our translators who are experts in the medical field.

Marketing Translation

At London Translate, we cater to all your advertising and marketing needs through the translation of brochures and adverts adapted to attract consumers in the target culture.

Website Translation

Extend your audience worldwide through multilingual content provided by our specialist website translation services at London Translate.

SEO Translation

London Translate understands the importance of website optimisation. Our SEO translation services will help get you noticed online through the translation of target market data and keyword searches. 

Technical Translation

Our technical translation services help you do business internationally through the high quality translation of technical texts such as operations manuals and safety regulations.