The translators of Berlin Translate: Qualified technical translators and proven quality assurance procedures

At Berlin Translate, translation quality is guaranteed at every stage of the process. The specific quality requirements of our customers have a top priority for us. The quality assurance workflow in question is therefore comprehensive and tailored to your needs. Thanks to a multi-stage quality assurance process based on the ISO 17100 guidelines and supplemented by extensive internal measurements, we regularly far exceed our customers’ expectations – at no extra cost.

Qualified specialist translators

The guidelines of ISO 17100 meet the minimum requirements of our quality assurance. The standard stipulates that as a mandatory minimum requirement for a quality translation it be checked and revised by a second translator, the reviser. This involves checking the target text for linguistic, terminological, stylistic or grammatical errors and consistency. In addition to the four-eye principle, the linguistic qualifications, experience and professional skills of the translator and reviser are crucial to the review process. 

Our quality assurance, therefore, begins long before we start working with you on a translation project: through the careful selection and qualification of our native-speaking specialist translators.

We ensure that our translators meet the following criteria:

  • Native speakers who live in the country of the target language.
  • They must have at least five years’ professional experience as a translator in a specialized field.
  • They must have a university degree in translation or a related field.
  • You must have expertise in at least one field.
  • They must have technical skills and know-how to use technological tools in connection with translation.
  • They must sign a full confidentiality agreement.
  • They must have a passion for languages to achieve excellent translation results in the interest of the end customer.
  • A proven quality assurance process
  • Each step is based on our quality management, according to ISO 17100. In the following, we give an overview of our quality assurance measures:

Quality-oriented project management

At London Translate, quality assurance measures are not complete by only meeting the ISO standard requirements. Since the founding of our company, we have been committed to providing the highest possible translation quality. Additional quality assurance measures to the specifications of ISO 17100 are, therefore, an integral part of our standard process.

Our internal linguists carry out a final control and validation within project management. They check your content in detail, taking into account the project specifications (customer instructions, style guides, terminology and language requirements, other quality objectives). Additionally, they develop detailed project plans, are in constant contact with our clients and always have a solution ready to avoid delays while guaranteeing high quality.

To work efficiently and ensure the highest level of quality at every stage of the process, project analysis is essential for oneword. Our experts analyse each project at an early stage so that they not only identify potential difficulties in the execution of the project, but also give the client a relevant indication of time, costs and deadlines. Preparatory work includes project preparation, verification of the documents provided and localization analysis.

A global network of translators

Our translation agency London Translate has a worldwide network of more than 1,000 translation experts who are the strength of our agency. To fully meet your needs, we are continually enriching our teams of translators and interpreters. Thus, new specialists join our translation agency day after day, ensuring a harmonious turnover and the acquisition of additional skills. In this way, we can guarantee you a wide range of services covering every subject area and language combination.

The translators presented in this section belong to our “elite teams”. These translation experts have been working with our agency for many years, and we have developed a particularly close relationship with them. Over the years, they have assisted us in the most delicate situations and have managed extremely specialized files, often in emergencies, without ever deviating from our (their) quality principles.

The translators presented in these portraits are perfectionist researchers, linguistic goldsmiths and completely reliable partners. We combine our efforts in complete harmony with a common goal: a result that meets (and sometimes even exceeds) the best expectations of our clients.

Through this gallery we would like to highlight the professional (and the person) behind your translations and show you his or her background, specialties and working methods. This is a non-exhaustive and evolving list of translators who have agreed to step out of the shadows to represent their professional category and the spirit of our translation agency.

A team of professional translators

It is undeniable that a quality translation can only be produced by a translator who translates into his or her mother tongue and has a perfect command of the source language. Our specialized translation agency uses only the most competent translators for the work entrusted to it. We believe that our clients have the right to demand services of impeccable quality.

We are happy to help you with your translations.

Every day, we help small and large companies and organizations to realize their international potential. We listen to you and are happy to advise you. Are you interested? Request a non-binding offer now.

Your London Translate Team

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